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    Having accepted a quest to hunt down the pack of direwolves terrorizing Turmfeste, the Vengeance of Ruadrin set forth to slay these beasts and bring a measure of peace to the hard-working folk that provided them with so much pickled mushroom these past days.
    Five poor peasants were traveling the roads in search of opportunity when they were inadvertently caught in the midst of a vicious battle.

    Adelmar the Sergeant (Squire lvl 10): Spearwall ready! Hakon, be ready with your longaxe! Bjarne, watch left flank! Swordsmen, hold your change until we can bunch them up! We’ve got to give these folk a chance to escape!
    Hogarth the Cripple (peasant lvl 1): No way, we are going to help!
    Adelmar the Sergeant: Run! Get out of here and leave these foul beasts to us!
    Damroth the unclean (peasant lvl 1): And leave you all that sweet XP? No way!!!
    Adelmar the Sergeant: Here they come, Archers- target the ones to the right, we don’t want to be overrun! Will you jokers in the sackcloth get out of here already?
    Hogarth the Cripple: Damroth, get ready with your stick. Let’s step in front of these spear guys with their spears and shields and PUNCH SOME DIREWOLVES!!!!
    (peasants cheer)
    Borken the slow (peasant lvl 1): I’m helping!
    Adelamar the Sergeant: Fools, get out of the way! CHARRRRGGE!!! Men, kill the wolves attacking peasants first!
    Hakon the Headsman (Brawler Lvl 11): To the hells with you, Beast! And another for your mother!! Haha!!
    Hogarth the Cripple: Hey, that guy with the shiny armor and the warbrand gave me a great idea! I’m going to step in front of him and punch wolfs to death!!!
    Dirk of the third nipple: BLLLLAARRRGGHHHH!!!!
    Damroth the Unclean: AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!
    Borken the slow: Ai! Ow! Oooof!
    Hogarth the Cripple: BLLLEEEUGGGGHHHH!!!!
    Ferd the Idiot (peasant 1): ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! gaahhhhhh…
    Bjarne the Mauler (Disowned Noble Lvl 10): It’s no good sir, we can’t kill these wolves fast enough! They’re tearing them to shreds. I will avenge their innocent lives!!!
    Borken the slow: My sackcloth be torn, yet my last hitpoint will be enough to slaughter these beasts by the thousands! I shall never stop punching until all are slain and sent back to the heckfires from whence they were whelped!
    Bjarne the Mauler: Will you run, you fool?! NO! Don’t step in my way, I could have sliced three of them… They were sooo perfectly lined up… (a tear falls down his cheek, obscured by the shiny chainmail protecting it.)

    The Vengeance of Ruadrin happily accepted the next quest to slaughter the peasants in the mushroom farm of Turmfeste from Lord Volmar of Siegward….

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    ahahaha that’s so true stupid peasents

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    stop giving those orc warriors and berserkers moral boost by showing your neck to their clever you fools!


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