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    When killing a disarmed zombie (tested on fallen hero) the weapon is lost entirely.

    Killed disarmed hero -> weapon didn’t drop (as normal)
    Fallen is resurrected without a weapon (not normal), and has not been trying to switch to it if given opportunity.
    The after battle loot does not contain the weapon.

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    Did some testing and it worked fine for me. You posted in the other thread that you’re using mods; note that those may be incompatible with the current version of the game.

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    What is the theoretical max speed for the battle, that one can push safely up to?

    Random thoughts:
    IIRC I had some issues with battle sequences when running the game at speeds >= x4 with a cheat engine.

    Speeding stuff up is a great QoL feature, so game does not become even more of a time hog that it already is.
    Hope one day stuff like “faster” will come in stock package or at least it will be a bit more stable.
    Currently it does crash time to time, but general benefit of speeding stuff up is still there.

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