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    New here, great game so far. Can see lots of potential.

    One thing that got me wondering: has disarming or sundering enemy weapons been discussed before?

    If the plan is to widen the range of known medieval weapons, some weapons were easier to disarm with than others (like ranseurs). Could introduce some interesting shield bash builds if you could disarm, bash the target away, and sit on the disarmed weapon. Would also change people’s tactics if the enemies instead looted their dead buddies for weapons to replace the disarmed weapon.

    Similarly, attacking weapons specifically would give two-handed weapons something else to do other than spend all their time splitting shields all day. Could also see this as opening up other ways of fighting particularly tough humanoid enemies; if you’re more concerned about them surviving for a long time because of 300+ armor, it would make more sense to destroy the target’s weapons, if the target’s weapons are weaker than the armor you’re attacking.

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