Topic: Do enemies on map level up as you do?

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    Avatar photoDanubian

    Im playing a game, its day 43, im about level 8.
    Ive been fighting Bandits since pretty early on, but now i have the feeling that Bandit Raiders are at least 2 times tougher than used to be. My first line fighters have melee skills ~70 or higher, and im hitting Bandit Raiders like 1 in 3 attempts. It feels as if they have grown much stronger than they used to be?

    So do your enemies level up as you do?

    Avatar photoRap

    No, they don’t.

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    Avatar photoRellin

    Does the world get more difficult based on the amount of time that passes? Like is there a difference between day 5 and 50?

    Avatar photoOldGreyBeard

    I can’t say for sure, but it seems so. What seems to happen is that unchecked orcs, etc. get more numerous. It seems that if you somehow manage to do enough “raze the location” contracts, that will have an effect on the number of raiders from that faction in that location. Devs, have I got it right?

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