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    Firstly I really do enjoy this game. I’ve wanted a game like this for some time now, and the future plans sound even better.
    I didn’t care for the bust characters at first but they grew on me quickly.
    There is still a problem identifying hexes in the busy forest maps, 2d trees behind 2d trees blend together.
    I have since learned to mouse over hexes and to not double click brashly.

    My first few companies didn’t get very far due to my ineptitude, but I thought I was making progress and learning.
    Now it’s possible I’ve encountered a string of bad luck, but my mercenaries are being hacked down mercilessly.
    The furthest I’ve gotten was a level 4, I typically get to the level 3 and day 10 area.
    Strategy wise I’m hiring mercenaries until I have 8-12, getting body / head armor and a weapon + shield. Upgrading when able.
    I prioritize getting spears first then swords. Getting bows for those with decent range skill, usually 1 or 2 at a time.
    Am I missing something? Is there a guide that would help perhaps?
    The most common cause of my failed games are the roaming groups of enemies.
    On one occasion I encountered 3 weak bandit groups in rapid succession, the last killed the caravan I was escorting.
    That was just outside of a city which I left shortly afterwords, only to encounter a fourth group that ended that game.
    Granted my equipment was damaged and I was down a couple mercenaries at this point, the former I could’ve solved by waiting.
    My last game I was ambushed my a pack of werewolves in a forest, 8 vs 6, but my mercenaries were level 1s and 2s here.
    I’m about to start up another game and am seriously considering making saves to reload after my inevitable loss.
    Although I’d prefer not to.

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    I hope you use some axes too. In my opinion they are a must have when dealing with any kind of enemy that uses shields. They deal good damage and can split shields. Though they build up more fatique. This works especially good in combination with bilhooks in the back. Split their shields and then crush them with the bilhook.

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