Topic: Don't we want an EPIC lategame?

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    Im currently 60 hours into my ironman hardest difficulty playthrough and starting to get aa “is this rly all there is?” kind of feeling

    I believe the game would STRONGLY benefit from some kind of lategame. My suggestion: when you max out a noble house rep, they give you an EPIC quest to launch an expedition to the wild unexplored side of the map in hunt for a bigass final boss.

    Maybe even each house vs each faction boss for bandits, orcs, gobs, some epic necromancer…

    I’d love that kind of lategame which would give me a feeling I’m striving for something epic.

    OFC it’ll be late in the development I understand, but I hope you’re thinking about it :)

    BTW as a side-note, tools are currently imbalanced. Too many are needed, not enough are sold. I find myself running around 3 different towns just to be ABLE to buy tools which is silly adn unrealistic – will 1 company really buy out every tool available in 3 towns just to keep itself running? Sell bigger stacks or more of them please!

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    I’d like the idea of some kind of expedition to undiscovered lands with the objective to achieve something big. Another option could be defending a city, outpost, river… against some dangerous menace or invasion.

    It’s true that sometimes I feel like just wandering around, like when I played MMORPG and hang out with a roaming party. (Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE the game and all the possibilities it still have)

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