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    I’m going to start by saying I think duel wielding should be an option. I’m going to give my thoughts on how it could be implemented to be balanced and fun.

    To make duel wielding something that is rare and for the most part impractical I have come up with some buffs and debuffs that would be associated with doing this.

    Debuffs: -10 MD
    -5 melee skill with main hand and -10 for off hand (maybe introduce a ambidextrous trait that can be gained randomly by using two weapons to reduce this to -5 for off hand only)
    – can’t duel wield 2 spears (for obvious reasons)

    Buffs: -Riposte now removes the MD penalty (when you have two swords you gain 10 MD)
    -Riposte attacks have a +10 for main and +10 for offhand to hit when using two swords or sword and dagger (the retaliation hand is chosen at random between the two)
    – Each attack made by the character reduces the subsequent attacks action point cost by 1 (it does not stack and you must alternate attack hands to receive the buff) allowing 3 attack in one round.

    I think this is pretty balanced and could be fun. As you can see you need a character with a really high attack and high stamina. You’ll get winded really fast using 3 attacks or riposte a lot, but have the potential to rip through people.

    Any thoughts?

    The next topic I’d like to talk about is named weapons. I think It would be really cool if a character that uses and kills (or damages) a lot of enemies could eventually get a random event to name their weapon and give it the named weapon buff. In a way I’m saying give a weapon and character experience together and when it hits a certain threshold you might get to name your weapon. It has to be the same weapon being use the entire time though. This would most likely be a end game thing unless you have one person killing everything. Also once this happens Only that specific character can use that weapon. They can unequip it but other characters can’t use it until the character dies. If you kick the character out of your party they take the weapon with them.

    Lastly I think It would be cool if characters could gain certain character traits based off whats happening in the game. AkA you have a guy that only uses swords and eventually he gets a sword mastery trait that gives him a buff of some sort… maybe +10 to hit? each weapon type would have its own buff. Like flail users trait would make it so they only lose half the stamina cost for missed attacks because they have learn to use the momentum effectively. I’m not going to go through every weapon but you get the point.

    I think is could be used for other stuff too. Like if a character almost dies in battle he may receive a permanent status effect like missing finger which gives -5 melee skill or losing an eye giving -10 ranged skill. Or maybe the character would get battle fright (lowers moral for a period of time and/or start battle at wavering) because they almost died. IDK I think this could be cool if you make a realism mode or something.

    So what do you guys think?

    Avatar photoDarksteel

    First of all I’d like to give myself a pat on the back; My last two suggestions made it into the game one way or another.

    Piggybacking on that I’d like to maybe suggest adding rare but positive status effects. For instance characters that have been injured several times but hasn’t ever been “killed” might get a trait such as “hard to kill” giving them hitpoints or a resistance to injury (I know its redundant because that perk already exists) just food for thought.

    other things that could be fun are: some characters could be less mentally stable then others (Wild man) so instead of routing when moral is low they just go berserk. You would lose control of them and they would get a very significant stat boost and disregard any injuries debuffs; the catch is they fight to the death and attack everything around them friend or foe. Obviously there would be a priority to attack enemies but a chance that they will attack allies that are adjacent to them, they are going berserk after all :)

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