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    Got pretty bored and thought I’d make a suggestion for a nasty, selfish, tick-infested race, to live in filthy burrows and caves up north. Where one imagines they’ll be sneaking into settlements to steal jewelry, food and vulnerable children, and leaving with valuables tucked into their filthy beards and children on a rope, ready to bargain for foul grog and fouler stew. I speak of course of the dwarven menace.

    I kind of imagine their warriors using bronze weapons & armor to resist their damp lifestyle, and carrying large thick shields, supported by cloaked sling-dwarves with heavy lead shot, with room for jewel-laden commanders and even heavier infantry.

    And I sort of imagine their attributes being something like this…
    High Moral, Defence, & HP
    Great Stamina
    Weaker by daylight

    That tiz my suggestion, I just think it’d be cool to introduce some nasty renditions of the noble races.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Or a more generic name might be “halflings” to give them a touch of being both hobbit and dwarf.

    Avatar photoWillsama

    I really like the lore, special traits and art, nice job :)
    Wouldn’t mind looting some of those slings ^^

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Nice!! Really liked the concept and art, please make more!

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Thanks dudes, having read the FAQ I feel a little childish suggesting dwarves lol, I’ll probably post an updated suggestion for the “Halflings” and some pseudo elves “Fae” under a less FAQ defiant heading when I get another opportunity to procrastinate.

    Avatar photoMeeky

    I really like the idea, though the name could probably be changed. For some reason, the idea of calling them “Half-men” seems good to me, or perhaps “Redcaps.” I imagine a redcap whose cap/helmet is dyed with the blood of his enemies would be an interesting lore tidbit to include.

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