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    Hello every one,

    sorry about my english. Leider meine Deutsche Sprache ist auch nicht gut.. aber ich versuche es.

    I have read the FAQ already, and the player it is not able to hold a castle. I hope it will change in the future but even so I bring to you a new idea which can take place with the player of without it.

    So, Every town, castle, etc have some places where one (the Lord or the person who rule the city, or barbarian who govern the tribe) decide to set in it what he want. And it depents of how its life style is all about. One Lord is focus with cattle and he use all his slots (land spaces) to such economy system. Another one use 1/3 of his lands for cattle, another 1/3 for crops and the last 1/3 is resting (fallow) and another Lord is focusing its labor force in order to get iron because it want to build and army to attack and conquer a new territory. And one Lord prefer to use its labor force to get stone, so he can improve its castle (so it would have more opportunities when someone want to take his lands)

    So, I can be 4 or 5 play style for all the Lords.

    The weather affects how crops outcome will be and also if they are using fallow lands)

    It is the system which was use in Lord of the realms II and it is easy and very good to play with. And it can bring to the game a lot of new life and I think it fits this game.

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    Then it can be a combination of my two favourite ever games …

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    Props for bringing up Lords of the Realm II since it was one of my all-time favorite games for years (now on Steam!) This idea might be a little complex for the current stage of the game (given all they’re already working on) but I DO absolutely like the idea of prices fluctuating based on industries, bandit raids, trade, and how many quests you perform for a particular town. Mount and Blade did this really well (another all-time favorite). I’d love to see a little bit more of that here.

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    It should at least be possible to dispatch a message to a temperamental nobleman, informing him that “you are ugly and your mother dresses you funny”.

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