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    Hi, first let me apologize for My horrible english, i dont feel comfortable writing and i will try to do My best to be understandable. The french auto correct of My mobile phone will not help either.
    My game has one big city, one big castle, four or five village – i dont exactly remember – and three small outpost, so more or less the content of a small medieval county, and this mere county is constantly under the threat of epic swarms of rageful enemies, which is a lack of proportion sense. Do you guys have planned to add new villages and cities on the map ?
    Great game also !

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    Thanks man,
    by the way, your english is way better than my french :)
    Right now the worldmap is rather small. Reason for that is that you are supposed to have a real impact on the struggle happening there between the humans and the overwhelming enemies. The larger the map the smaller the impact of one mercenary band.

    We are internally discussing where exactly our journey goes, but I personally think the map may be expanded sooner or later.


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