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    This happens during the Undead Scourge event. If you route the enemy, the game gives you the ability to say “it’s over” at the beginning of the next turn to exit the battle. Corpses are also reanimated at the beginning of the turn. If these two things happen together, it results in some of the equipment from the reanimated corpses on the “it’s over” turn to be unequippable.

    1) Have the Undead Scourge event on.
    2) Battle brigands.
    3) Kill most of the enemy to make them route, making sure to kill at least one a turn, and taking at least two turns to do it (to give them enough time to reanimate).
    4) If done right, the option of “It’s over” will come up at the beginning of a turn. Clicking the “It’s over” option will zoom out, and while zooming out you’ll hear corpses reanimating.
    5) Loot all the things.
    6) Try to wear/wield each piece of equipment that you looted.

    If you’re (un)lucky, you’ll get some equipment from the reanimated corpses which are not equippable. I’ve noticed that it’s not *all* of the equipment from the corpse, but so far just one each. A helmet from one (but his shield is wearable), a sword from another (but his body armor is fine), etc.

    All looted equipment should be equippable.

    Note 1: Saving and reloading eliminates the issue. I suppose it’ll be hard to see via the save file :-)
    Note 2: In the attached save file, the shortsword and flat top with mail are two items I noticed with this happening, from two different battles.
    Note 3: I noticed in the log file “Attempted to equip item Shortsword, but it is already placed somewhere else”. At least it’s a caught error :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the detailed report!
    Could you send us the files directly to “”?

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