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    Excited to hear about the planned new feature. I look forward to playing with it!
    I thought I would provide some feedback on problems I’ve had with the similar system in Mount and Blade. Please provide the player with meaningful ways to mitigate the clash of personalities. I’m not sure what this would be, higher pay or threats? Not sure. In Mount and Blade, the companion would just up and leave, without you having the opportunity to be like “What if I paid you some of the gold I have in my pocket” or better yet “If you try to leave, I will kill you as a deserter.” All you could do was roll a skill check on a persuasion skill.
    Would be cool to see many ways of persuasion presented in each situation (with all events), and not being railroaded.
    1. Persuade 2. Bribe 3. Threaten 4.Trick 5. Ignore 6. Seduce…?
    Events will definitely add flavor, but may conflict with freedom of choice if not enough options are made available.

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    You’re making avalid point. If the events dont really offer meaningful choices and fun gameplay they become just an annoyance hampering your game flow. We are really taking care that the whole system adds to the game.

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