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    Factions really needs more to them and those villages without faction. It’s like why should I join this faction and not the other one or can I be in all Factions. Yes I know I can read about them. I would like to create my own Faction in late/middle. When you create faction you are neutral to other factions and they can start war on you or you can start war on them. What is the point with the nobles in factions? are they there only to show leaders in each faction or do they have more to them?

    I would like to hear your plan/s on further development on the factions.

    I really like this game so great job and have a good day :)

    P.S Oh yeah, Necromancers needs to be stronger, I’m at level 5 with few guys and total 8. I attack a Necromancer with many skeletons, guards, archers and i win easy. Necromancers with their weak armies should be a bit harder to defeat. I would rather attack Necromancer, Fallen heroes and wolfrider(not together maybe a few fallen with necro) then Goblins or Orcs

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