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    So, with the expanded options for gear thanks to the Goblin update, I wanted to ask everyone what their favorite non-rare, non-legendary pieces of protective equipment are. You can state multiple items – just explain why you like that item a lot, and at what point in the game.

    I have to admit, the new bandit gear is pretty great. Their rusty mail with -10 fatigue gives as much armor as the -12 fatigue basic mail. It’s a great piece to have on high level archers and on low-level fighters in the early game. It’s easy to obtain, too. I also like the not-so-worn mail shirts; they’re good for the early game and early-middle period when you’re starting to transition into somewhat heavier, more protective suits.

    The bandit gambesons are great for early-game archers as well. So are normal gambesons. Eventually I just give them mail.

    I’m also a fan of the scale and lamellar armors you get, especially as you start reaching the middle of the game. They’re effective for their price.

    Concerning helmets, I find myself buying a lot of -2 vision helmets for my melee fighters. -3 is just too much, and most of the -1 helmets don’t give that much armor. -2 seems to be the appropriate middle ground, especially if you’re marching into a night fight. I also carry coifs-with-masks for my archers.

    What about you? What armor types do you favor? Do you go for the biggest and best? Do you care how much your helmets limit the vision of the men in your shield wall? Do you carry different helmets for night and day battle, perhaps?

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