Topic: Feature request: Easy caravan follow

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    I love your game by the way =)

    Could I please not have to click around all the time to follow the caravan so closely? it makes caravan quest so tedious and laborious I actually actively avoid them.

    It’s a simple UI feature that I would really appreciate that I’m probably not alone on this.

    Just let me left click on the caravan to make the company follow it around matching its speed and then I can sit back and watch for trouble instead of tediously clicking around every second for the entirety of the quest, and God forbid I stray too far or the quest has failed.

    Please make my life easier while playing your game because I really enjoy it!

    Avatar photoBinkus

    meant to bring this up when i first started playing a follow or guard command would be great
    I am not saying i am a lazy player, but micro clicking every few yards is a horrific gaming experience

    Avatar photoJohnsmith24601


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