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    Avatar photoSirRichard

    Hi guys,

    first: Awesome game!

    Just played with a friend the other day and we thought, would be awesome if fleeing (sometimes they still have morale but are still retreating) ememies could be forced to surrender. Benefit: You do not have to destroy the fancy armor :)

    Maybe for the next DLC?

    Best from Cologne

    PS: Sorry, but didnt find a search function to verify that I’m the first with this idea.

    Avatar photoDelta187

    Nice idea. If enemies surrender, there should be a little chance, that they ask for joining your group. Also they have to give all their loot.
    It possibly could give you some renown, when you don´t kill surrendering enemies.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I totally support that feature. Because life goes that way, even orks can think and dont want to die pointlessly. I would love enemy to fall back if they see they can’t win that battle especially this should happen with armies.

    Avatar photoxterminal86

    What about experience gain if enemy surrenders?

    Avatar photoDare Wolf

    Just signed in to support this suggestion.

    Puncturing “fleeing” surrounded enemy is not fun at all. It’s boring, stupid and stupidly cruel. I would glad to have them surrendered and stripped from armor exactly as it said in existing after-battle event.

    "That's it! Run away!"

    Avatar photolaViper

    In my mod I made that engaged fleeing enemies drop their loot when you press “It’s over”.
    Also you can press “Run them down” next engage enemy and only after that use retreat button.

    I can try to take out only this feature or you can ask rap about it – it’s just 2 lines of code and brackets :)

    Avatar photoDare Wolf

    By the way, it would be nice to make characters in “fleeing” status drop their weapon on ground, especially large and encumbering items when character’s fatigue level is high.

    The fleeing characters carrying weapon they don’t even try to use for self-defense looks quite awkward. Since they just running away everything that can lower run speed should be thrown and dropped. Worth to be suggested separately.

    "That's it! Run away!"

    Avatar photolaViper

    For the first time, cause it touchs “actor” file, which devs often fix themself.
    One day I hope I will remake it to “hooks”.

    And it’d be better test before big battle :)

    Avatar photoAlexander

    This definitely happens in real life, and makes sense to occasionally happen in the game. It makes sense that certain types (like the Undead) would never do this, but a handful of mercenaries surrounded after a route? Surrender is literally their best chance, there. No sense dying to the last man sometimes. I like this idea.

    Avatar photoSirRichard

    I agree with DareWolf and Alexander. Dropping weapons or stuff when fleeing would also make perfect sense and maybe you still get the stuff of this super elusive enemy… And that all of this will not happen to an Undead is obvious as well.

    Avatar photoGrammarsalad

    I love it! Great idea

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