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    First off a huge compliment: the game has made excellent progress since it first entered early access and I am truly impressed by the way your small team has handled it (excellent communication, steady progress, smart balance changes, extremely few bugs). It actually made me buy the game a second time and gift it to a friend. :)

    Quality of life improvements:
    End turn for all remaining brothers button: There are situations in battle where you do not want to move/don’t have any sensible actions (e.g.: when you cannot catch up with the last fleeing enemies yet have to wait until they reach the map border/choice not to hunt them any further appears). Under those circumstances it is tedious to have to end the turn of every single battlebrother individually.
    Autoresolve feature: further into a campaign, there will be an increasing number of battles that pose no challenge at all. It would be nice if we had the option to resolve such battles instantly.
    Bigger inventory: Battlebrothers doesn’t really give a reason for the limited inventory. However the loot from 2-3 big battles will fill 99 slots easily. I would appreciate less tedious inventory management. Please increase the inventory or give us the option to upgrade its size.

    Company upgrades: It would be a nice feature if we could upgrade the company as a whole either by hiring non-combatants or by a system that grants the company xp and its own company perks. Personally I find the former system much more immersive: buy a donkey or even a whole oxen-drawn cart to increase your inventory, hire a doctor/run-away nun/barber/wise-woman to reduce recovery times from injuries/infection risk (this would also give room for some cool events for example if the superstitious villagers want to prosecute your wise-women for witchcraft or your witchhunter wants to burn her himself). A blacksmith could cheapen/speed up the repair of weapons. A cook/maid increase happiness, …
    On a different level this could also open new tactical challenges. Such a baggage train presents a soft target and while orcs might rather want to smash the fighters, goblins or thugs might think otherwise and prioritize attacking the baggage train. This would also open up the possibilities for bigger battles (a donkey probably doesn’t defend himself but the cook or blacksmith might). Obviously these men and women would most likely have terrible stats thus presenting a necessity for the player to help them fast.
    In truly desperate times the player could even order these extra hands to the frontline and sacrifice them.
    Increase company size: The engine seems able to handle fairly big battles. It could be fun to allow for even more soldiers on the battlefield. Why not allow the company to be upgraded to 15 active fighters + 7 reserves by hiring a quartermaster/via a company perk system?
    Graveyard/memory hall: A place where your fallen brothers can rest and you can see the cost of mercenary life.
    More statistics for each battlebrother: how many kills, favourite weapon, heroic efforts in battle …
    Late-game: It happens to be a big topic recently and there are a lot of good suggestions in that regard. My personal preference would be towards higher level-cap + open warfare between the different actors on the map (house vs house, houses vs free-cities or even the orcs trying to burn down entire villages not just single buildings or the goblins trying to set up their own kingdom by outright conquering villages). Late-game the map should really change and the merc company should be able to influence that.
    Conquest: Looking at historical examples it wasn’t unheard of that successful mercenaries started to build their own territorial powerbase. It might change the game drastically but it would give the player a real goal if he were able to conquer village/castles for himself and ultimately transform his company into a landholder. Obviously this would incur the wrath of the established houses and put the player at odds with almost everybody (massive relationship malus turning everybody but former allies into enemies?) An alternative road would be for the player to become the protector of a village, gaining a base there but without assuming complete control. Admittedly these ideas would make Battlebrothers very similar to Mount & Blade and thus might not be what you have in mind …

    On a side note: that new dog-fight event … wtf? No argument: dog fighting is bloody and disgusting but your description of it screams PG-18 rating! This was one of the most explicit descriptions of violence I have ever encountered in a computer game. I like that Battlebrothers offers plenty of gore but that event made me actually uncomfortable. Still I would keep it in the game. It fits the grim atmosphere.

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