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    After playing (and loving) this game for roughly 200+ in game days, I have a couple of suggests/questions.

    Repairing Shields
    I would love to be able to loot all the shields that were broken at the end of a fight. I understand an Orc will split a character’s shield and knock it out of their hand. Why can’t I get this shield back and repair it from 0% durability? My reasoning is, I received an awesome “blue” shield from a Fallen Hero that had great stats with low fatigue penalty (+20 melee def, +25 ranged def, -10 fatigue… something like that) however it only lasted one fight. I got the shield, ran into some Orcs and it was broken. A rare shield broken in one fight, it was a pity.

    Repairing Nets
    I want to use a strategy with Nets. Especially against orcs so I can slow their rush down a bit. The problem is nets are one time use only. I think you should be able to loot your broken nets and repair them. That way if you want to use a net strategy you don’t have to be by a fishing village all the time. If you are concerned about repairing them too quickly, make nets have a high durability. I don’t think the durability of the net has any effect whatsoever so increasing it would only increase repair time (please correct me if I’m wrong).

    Breaking Nets & Roots
    You ever fight the goblin shaman (or w/e it’s called)? Those guys love to root your brothers over and over again. Why not allow brothers standing next to a rooted/netted character break the root/net? We already have the functionality to rotate brothers with the rotate skill, why not allow brothers to break other brothers free?

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