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    First off, I want to say this game is pretty fantastic. I love the ideas already implemented and how this game is regularly updated. I hope the regular updates will continue with new content and bug fixes.
    Now, I’ll move on to the issues in the game that I’ve experienced:
    1. MAJOR Grammatical Issues – Though a lot of the events/stories are interesting, a good few of them have major grammatical issues. English is my native language, but some of the grammar has such big issues, that I don’t even know what an event/character is trying to say. Not only are there grammatical issues in the event/stories, but the grammar lacks consistence throughout the game. By that, I mean, events seem to lack a grammatical theme. I understand you guys want different characters to sound like their own original person, but the grammar still needs some consistency, so I can easily understand what an event is trying to convey. I’d hire someone with English as their native language and English as a college/university degree to look over the wording of the events implemented and ones that are going to be implemented, so they can correct these issues. It’s okay to make a peasant sound unread(uneducated), but you can do that while still using correct grammar to make it understandable. This brings me to my next point.

    2. LACK of Character/Event Diversity – I’ve seen many of the same events and character dialogue over and over and over again from different characters all around the map. Even though you promote characters with their own unique background, all characters act the same. I’d suggest designating different regions of a map for different types of dialogue/events. Maybe the Faction to the North in the snow is rough and cold sounding when they speak. Maybe factions in the South are more educated and etiquette sounding. There also needs to be more dialogue and events in general, and I mean, a lot more. I know it might take time to put event into the game, but why not ask team members to make up their own event everyday as a makeshift dialogue/event for the game. The person that checks grammar can correct and edit what the team members come up with, and then you can put them into the game. If you want the game to be more interesting, have generated characters restricted to certain dialogue/actions that matches their region rather than having me get the event of a guy getting ready to spank a woman -and her going under the table- (which I’ve gotten a hundred times) all over the map and with every employer I’ve met. That makes me less interested in the generated characters in the game because I know they’ll all act the same, and do the same things, and talk the same way.

    3. BATTLES – In some battles, I have different levels of elevation which affects my visibility of the enemy. While this is a great idea, the current “fog of war” being completely blacked out tiles, takes away from the atmosphere and strategy of the battle. I can’t see what level of elevation is under that black tile unless I send a unit there to find out. Even when I have a unit on that elevation, my other mercenaries still can’t see what that mercenary (which I just moved to that tile to be able to see from a high elevation) sees. Even when the my mercenaries are next to an enemy troop which is on a higher elevation, they still can’t see or attack unless they’re on that elevation too. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve had really awful battles because of this black tile feature. It takes away the immersion of the battle. I’d suggest making a clear overlay on those tiles that aren’t visible rather than black them out completely because I want to know what the battlefield looks like. Also, my mercenaries should be able to see what my other mercenaries see, so they can work together in a battle. I assure you, this will make battle immersion a hundred times better.

    4. FACTIONS- As I said earlier, factions need to be more diverse. I’ve started three games and I have the same exact mentality from the same three factions in 2 of those games. The third game has two factions from the first two games. Even with the base mentality a faction has, characters from all those factions still act the same as one another. I keep on seeing the same banners too. What would save you some time and money is if you put a blank banner template out into the community and let the community make you banners kept on certain guidelines/rules. It just takes a little photoshop and implementation. I don’t know if this feature is implemented yet, but have the factions attack each other. You could have missions for the mercenary company to attack an enemy factions village or something like that.

    5. MERCENARIES- Every game, you start with 3 main mercenaries. These mercenaries should all automatically have the loyal trait because they fought with each other for probably a long time before hand. I had an instance in one of my games where I didn’t pay attention to my food, and ran out. The MAIN CHARACTER left the company on the first day of having no food. I traveled for another 2 days and no one else left. That shouldn’t happen, especially not with the main 3 mercenaries. You should also add in a feature for when a character has been with the company for more than 100 days -or whatever number you think fits- where they should gain the loyal trait. It’s hard to keep a mercenary alive for that long in the first place. There should be more character development in general so that you grow attached to the characters you bring into the company. One last thing, I think would benefit the game, is that there should be other mercenary companies that compete with you to gain contracts.

    I hope all this advice has helped. I can only hope that you guys will take the time to read all of this. Thanks for your time.

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    Gr8 post! I hope the devs implement some if not all of your ideas into the game.

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