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    “Commander Experience and more hard reputation”

    A player is a commander of this mob of mercenaries. They grow in a levels and become more a more valuable and seasoned until they found glory death in battle and it will nothing that left after them. But player didn’t change at all.
    It is already a Faction reputation. But it pure commander must be respected not only by lords and Merchant, but by other warriors. So I think it must be few parameters.

    Faction Reputation – more reputation for a one faction give more valuable mission from them, and slowly reduce reputation for this Faction enemy.
    Mercenary reputation – A reputation among another mercenary’s. If it low most skilled fighters will not agree to join you, or may be will even go leave from you.

    Commander traits – Achievements, good and bad, what commander can receive for his deeds.
    “Traitor” – change a side in faction war. Give penalty to total reputation. May forbids some mission and even give a penalty to payment.
    “Butcher” – hire a lot of cheap man, and have great dead count among them. Increase hire cost for new men.
    “Miser” – have a lot of money but dot spend them to improve equipment for this men. A new man will ask more to hire, but will have more equipment.
    And so on.

    So then Player will come to for new order it will be some calculation:
    Total Reputation = Faction Reputation + Mercenary Reputation +\- Traits
    And it will give and opportunity to find new job because you a great mercenary commander, and not because you make 5, 10. 15 jobs for this faction.

    Commander EXP

    And also it is an option to give a levels to player. What can he receive ?
    1) Formations
    2) More detail looks to new warriors before hiring’s
    3) Discounts
    4) Skills for combat and noncombat situation
    5) Negotiation bonuses.

    Support characters.
    Monks, Blacksmith, Apothecaries, Whores, Cooks, Chest masters and so on/
    It is non-combat characters who follow band and make live more easy for some fee (or may be join you for free after some quest)
    I think that they can participate in combat, and even can have some unique abilities, but in a cost what they can die.

    Musician, Standard Bearer
    Music Instrument like Horn (one hand) or drum (one or two hand). Will give bonuses for a fatigue loss and morale for some time you use it.
    A Standard (One or two hand) great bonus to morale or may be to WS and BS and great penalty if Standard Bearer die.

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