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    So there is my few impressions after getting the game.
    Stab weapons(knife/dagger/scramasax) are great against low level enemies. Best way to get decent equipment on the start.
    Just grab few guys give them shields and dagger and stab. Support with sticks to stun and you set to go.
    Nothing better like getting few free armours/helmets on hard on start.
    #I will suggest changing knife/scramasax first and second attack to something else. Knife is more to slash and cut enemy less to stab.
    #Increase hit penalty on daggers type of weapons. They are to devastating against human enemies.

    I didn’t notice any or little connection between contracts and situation on map. Also delivery quests or scout quest are too well paid compared to effort.
    They should be good for small low level party to earn some bucks but now you can sustain big company on them.
    Also chain quest after low level/low reward scout quests there should be higher level/higher reward destroy contract.

    Also this game beg for some sort of company fame/reputation/renown which should be factor to limit quests/recruits or access to high end weapon. Now is just money.
    This game with benefit greatly from more personification.
    >Town have a Mayor#RandomName who is persistent character
    >He offer some contracts and when company do them(or fail) it change company standing with him and with Town. Access to new quests/contracts/better supplies unlocked. It can be overridden by having high enough reputation/fame but if you spend time doing more jobs for one city it should have some effect.

    Enough for now. If anyone interested in Lets Play I can make some but with little comments.
    Back to game.

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