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    Expanding bestiary

    I guess will be interesting having more wild animals as enemies depending on the terrain type you can have encounters with them.For example wild bears in forest and mountains and also the same kind of wolves that you can tame, can appear as a wild enemy animals.

    Also more creatures can be added to the game, and some off them can have their only special mission like it happens with the kraken and others can be common creatures.

    Will be nice a special mission for example for kill a medusa or hunt a manticore, some common enemies can be harpy or mummy as undead enemy in dessert terrain

    A master necromancer with zombie skin, representing he is a man with very high level off necromance knowledge who is capable of cheating death by living more years than he would live naturally

    Also adding more kind of this enemies can be great for a beast slayer campaign

    Armour for tamed wolf

    There is an event were i can tame a wild wolve, the wolve is great but there is a problem that makes it a little usseles.
    A dog with good armor is better than the wild wolve, why cant be able to put armor to the tame wild wolve?

    If armour wolf idea dont like to the devs, maybe one solution can be give to the wolf better stats

    Brothel building in towns

    Can be added at towns, some backgrounds can interact positive or negative, or having different events if you visit the brothel, if visit it, your company will have high morale for the next battle or something like that

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