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    I tried to save an image of this error, but instead, it saved the error message on the map?

    I was escorting a caravan with conscripts from the southern cities. We were attacked by ork young. A conscript with a fire lance stepped forward, and the icon showing he used the shooting ability appeared over his head, but I didn’t see the ork young react as if hit (or dodging). The conscript immediately tried to rotate with another conscript behind him, and then game froze.

    EDIT: I have images and am trying to attach, but they don’t show as attaching. Is there some secret beyond selecting the file from the attachment portion below and hitting “submit”?


    Pretty sure you just attach ‘choose file’ and it uploads by itself, then submit!


    If you’re using any mods, remove them and see if that solves your issue. Otherwise, please email your attachments to

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