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    I already posted a message a long while ago about the enemy archer always landing his first arrow on my two-handed guy every time, even after multiple reloads.

    I began a new campaign, and the first contract (kill Hoggart the Weasel) made me ragequit. Again that stupid archer will land an arrow
    right into a guy and wound him. I reloaded multiple times, and that arrow always hit…
    I tried not moving, they do the same and won’t move an inch forward or backward and that idiotic archer keeps at shooting laser-guided arrows at my guys.

    I’m playing on normal (veteran) difficulty, I don’t know if it’s unusual or not but it’s getting really annoying.

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    It is time to understand that only your mercenaries miss at the chance of 80%, the enemy always gets )

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    It is not smart to use 2 handed weapons early on. First, your guys wont have enough natural melee/ranged defense to survive, and second your melee skill wont be high enough to reliably hit enemies with 2 handed weapons (meaning youll be wasting turns).

    So switch from 2 handed axe and a shield and 1 handed weapon.

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    Now that I leveled up my guys, and got them better gear the most dangerous enemy is not in front of them but behind them :
    I can’t count how many time one of my guy had a pierced chest, wounded shoulder because of that one crossbow guy planting a bolt in the but
    of his battle brothers. This makes me laugh most of the time because I imagine the scene:
    “Damn! Tostein is hurt!”
    “Godamn’ Karl! Aim before you shoot!”

    "If you inhale marmelade, you will suffocate"

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    Bandit marksmen in general make me cry. God forbid they start on top of a hill. They shoot with pin point accuracy through my kite shields into my archers. I’ve had men take every single arrow from 4 marksmen in a row and die despite being behind the shield wall. On the flip-side, getting my archers to the point where they actually provide noticeable assistance in battle is making me want to just forego archers altogether but those damned necronancies need to be put down from a distance. Such a dilemma. I know this could just be confirmation biased but those damned bandit marksmen make me seek out greenskin contracts over bandit contracts.

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