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    Avatar photoSheep

    the wooden shields of footman have no inventory icons. also applies in battle when they are on the ground. can still be equipped tho so not game breaking.

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    How did you get those shields? Do you need to be on a good relation with a noble house to get their equipment?

    Avatar photoSheep

    yeaaaa good relations suuuure… we are beeest friends…
    just kidding. you need to be enemies with them to attack them :D applies to neutral settlements as well. fastest way for that is to accept a contract with alot of advance money and then cancel it directly for -20 relations. do it twice for a neutral and you can attack their patrols and caravans

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    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    Oh? Attack them? I’ve been trying all this time to improve relations with a house when all I had to do is be mean to them a few times? Well then… So much for being friends… CHARGE!!!

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