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    Dear team, we are all delighted at your recent DLC announcement ! I am very excited to see all the further updates you will make before release. Thank you for supporting the development of the fantastic Battle Brothers. I visit the forums regularly and I have been thinking hard about suggestions for this DLC. I hope this may be of some use to your creative efforts.
    I feel that changes should be made not only to bring longevity and quality of life updates to the base game, but also quality of life changes to “Beasts and Exploration”. Also obvious things like new achievements, company banner, possibly new Northern Bandit music track etc.

    BASE GAME + B+E – Suggestions for the base game
    1. Balance of potions and crafting. This needs another look at. Some of the potions are quite expensive and their effects are limited. Slight buffs for example longer lasting effects for some would be useful. Consider a rare travelling merchant that sells potions so we can see more use of these items.
    2. Beast “Den” Map location. This is an old asset from earlier days of development. It looks like a cave on the world map. With the new beasts it adds an uncommon static location with beasts like Unhold or Direwolves. Nice for players who like to remember these locations and come back with a hope of gaining crafting materials they need later on.
    3. Named Beast enemies – either single or repeat battles. Higher drop of crafting items. It would be interesting to have unique named beast enemies, possibly with contracts to hunt them down. Maybe along the lines of bandit leaders, or maybe one off miniboss type encounters with legendary gear drop. Unhold King who has a unique crown, if beaten you can wear this crown trinket around neck in accessory slot +15% Hp, -20% xp gain. Or grey colour “Ancient Schrat” that drops a lot of amber etc etc. many possibilites these are just ideas.
    4. “Legendary Recruits” – now this is a possibly imbalanced idea but just think about it. Very very rarely you can find a recruit at lvl 1 that has a random perk already, giving them a max of 1 extra perk. You don’t get to choose it’s random. You could get a messenger with pathfinder, or a daytaler with Iron Brow. You may see one of these rare recruits per long campaign, maybe not even then. It opens the door for these amazing community interactions where people show off their rare recruits and make other players jealous etc.
    5. Another special event background, similar to pimp etc. these are very cool and unique already. Event at very far edge of map, strong recruit “Hermit” survived so long away from civilisation. I also feel there should be text dialogue that gives possiblity to convince Crusader/Orc Hunter to stay in the company.
    6. “Named” Attachments, simple idea. Similar to named armour/weapons. Rare and with the trade off it can only be used once makes it a very cool situation.
    7. Armoured Unhold. As my previous idea from a time ago. Appears during greenskin crisis, tamed by Orcs and used as Armoured Trolls in LOTR. Very dangerous as can break battle line as part of Orc charge. Late game enemy.
    8. Red and white castle Noble House, a change from the old asset blue and red castle house as looks too similar to 3 arrow. This would match the new “Noble Mail” item and make sure this cool Castle Knight helmet asset does not go to waste.
    10. New Backgrounds – A few backgrounds, from medieval era – Falconer (comes with falcon and can use for 0 AP, ok ranged attack/defence), Smith (basic peasent, good HP and Fatigue, some repair/crafting event), Master Archer (Rare, similar to Sword Master)
    11. Shield Damage from normal axe strikes, 2 instead of 1 damage, also falchion has this bonus. Makes these weapons more useful.
    12. Please please make Zweihander helmet paintable, the colour schemes are already there. It is an easy addition as already exist, except for blood red maybe. I have seen people not play on seeds because the colour Zweihander helmet they want isn’t in any of the Noble Houses spawned. Solve this issue please :))
    13. Rare Drop of skill book, adds +1 to a stat. Historians/Monks get +2. Some backgrounds like Wildmen/Beggar etc can’t use.

    Warriors of the North – Suggestions
    1. NEW CRISIS, this DLC is crying out for a new “Barbarian Invasion” Crisis. From the North high tier armies begin to attack, even southern Coasts have spawns of “Coastal Raiders” that have come from the North. These savages threaten to engulf the civilised world ! A unique Northern bandit leader “Great Khan” (scaled to company power), must be defeated to end the crisis.
    2. Northern and Southern Bandits fight each other unless during Crisis where all have rallied under the Great Khan.
    3. Some people have mentioned a “Free City” that will deal with evil Companies, basically a bandit town to support evil company playstyle. Not sure how I feel about this.
    4. New weapon, Throwing knife low AP cost throwing weapon, accurate normal attack to finish enemies with low accuracy piercing attack to aid armour farming – a cool Sellsword type item, used by other mercenary companies rarely.
    5. Starting scenarios – there are so many cool options here and it is a wonderful idea you have had.

    (a). Holy Battle Order, 1 Crusader 2 Monks and 4 Flagellants – Starting battle is against Cultists/Undead. Monks Leather armours start with Fortified Mind, Flagellants flails/clubs and rags. Basically opposite of Cultist start. Free Flagellants and reduced cost of healing at Temples which means you can be a bit more careless with your Flagellants. Temples can also rarely Bless characters etc etc.
    (b). Expedition, 2 Historians and a Sellsword. Start in the wilderness near an ancient dead site, difficult start as 2 characters are very weak and 1 is strong. Start with little money. More chance of treasure drops from wilderness locations, great pay for exploration contracts.
    (c). Forest Rangers, 3 ranged characters starting with pathfinder perk already. First battle against Webknechts. More chance of crafting item drops. Better prices from Fletcher.
    (d). Deserters, 7 men. Start at war with 1 noble house. Decent gear but obviously terrible resolve. First battle against Noble Troops, hard battle likely lose some men.
    (e). Performers Troupe, 3 Musicians, 2 Jesters. Start with lutes, throwing knives on Jesters. First battle is against brigand thugs. Troupe realises they can fight and decide to try Mercenary work. Funny start.

    These are some ideas. Maybe you like some and dislike others. I will add further posts with more ideas as we go ! I understand the hardest thing about your work can sometimes be leaving things out :)

    "A plethora of peasents"

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