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    Avatar photoRa

    Those are bad. Fights takes forever, there can be 10 turns for the first hit with “you can’t make out who you’ll be facing” spawn and then there will be a chokepoint where like 4 soldiers will brawl for another 20 turns while 20 combatants wait in the line or go for a flanking maneuver that will take another 20 turns.

    Maybe less obstacles and no penalty on movement? Can we have option to cut through the shrubs? Like give it 50 hp so that it can be cleared in a single turn.

    Avatar photoTeut

    I agree, even though I like a labyrinth-like map from time to time.

    The Idea of destructible terrain is nice, it would also be good if you could see more clearly wich tiles you can move to and wich are blocked.

    Avatar photoKerberos

    I aggree, also I think it’s frequently odd why my men aren’t in formation. Sure if you get ambushed on the road that explains it, but why do my men lose the abilitiy to walk in line because I don’t know what is hiding in that fortress I’m storming?

    Avatar photoRusBear

    agree in geberal, same forest battle starts looks like i did not go to attack enemies camp but drunk all nigth and was waked up by attackers at bad morning…

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