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    I’ve encountered freeze during combat twice.

    Once, in a 2v1 situation where the game froze during the AI knight move. The AI knight is alive and visible. Replaying the battle using autosave did not encounter the same error.
    Second time in a 2v1 situation where the game froze trying to process the movement of a ghoul that doesn’t exist. Turn order at the bottom was indicating a ghoul that is already dead.

    Retreat through ESC still works.

    Will try to attach an screenshot in the future.

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    Since this sounds an awful lot like my issue, I’ll just tag my bug report here…

    Although… I’ll call it what the log file calls it: “Failed to execute path for Melee Engage – No path found”

    Attached is my log file and a screenshot…

    Also, could I trade a bonus bug report for a quick answer, Rap?
    What’s the reasoning behind removing the “Confidence” status from Rally?

    And the bonus bug report is that in the log file that I attached… the Noble House’s bannerman uses “Rally” right at the start/first turn… as if he wants to put that “Confidence” buff back on his troops as much as I do.


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