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    Having played this game for many hours so far and thinking what could be some great additions to this amazing game so I am just making this post to just give some ideas of what could be possible additions later in development. Most of which might have been said already, but I just want to give my ten cents.

    I am not just talking about weapons and armor and the such. More ‘trade goods’. Like bolts of silk and the such that you get from destroying a bandit base. Stuff like that, that would be found there from the many caravans they loot.
    More armor and weapons, which are being added I know. But even then it can be as small as just a different art model and name and such. Say instead of a Winged Mace have a Flanged Mace which is essentially the same as a Winged Mace just a few differences.
    More unique weapons: Like instead of the Orc’s using just a generic blade or axe. Have them have like…tiered weapons. The Leaders using well made human weapons (Two-handed weapons like the Great Sword or the Great Axe) As say a…one handed weapon, making the leader more powerful instead of as generic as the rest with a little stat tweak or what not. Also give them say…a mace that is nothing but a large rock strapped to stick. It hurts like fucking hell but breaks easily.
    Dyes: Essentially it allows you to change the colors of the cloth parts of armor. In my experience with re-texturing and texturing models this would be just a fairly simply matter, if a little time consuming. And it is nice to just customize your armor. It can also be a very expensive ‘trade item’ that you can loot from enemy forts.
    Paint: This would let you add ‘decals’ or just repaint the…solid pieces of metal on the armor. Like helmets and such. Just let it add simple details. Like a colored skull to the front of a full helm or such. Also allow to just repaint the helmet or what not (Shields included) Another item you can buy or loot from bases.

    Game-play Mechanics
    So just an idea for the Orc Faction:For whatever lore you take from, the leader of any Orc group is always the biggest meanest and strongest. So making him a big tough target to kill but say when you kill him it causes a massive moral penalty to all remain Orcs in his group. Either they turn and run or start fighting each other to see who is going to be the next Warboss for a more interesting term.
    Faction Wars: Probably you guys have this planned so I will not touch on that.
    Larger World Map: Just more cities, villages, castles. This will be part of the next thing.
    Sub-Factions: Like faction in factions. Different clans of Bandits or Orcs. Have them just randomly generate whether or not they are neutral towards each other/hostile/or allied. Say one bandit clan is attacking and looting a caravan and its enemy comes along, attacks the caravan and attacks the other clan. You can join in the middle, see the clans fight and the such. See who ‘wins’ and come in and kill them.

    These are just some ideas I think would help improve this awesome game and take it to the next level. Love this game! You guys are doing a great job!

    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    Some ideas are good(sorry,didn’t read all of them in a row) but most part i seen developers know or planning already…

    Avatar photoRusBear

    I’ve seen in a long time great post discussions developers about their plans about the banners and shields with lots of options for coloring. In this context, I think more objectively add different types of heraldic items – so that they themselves painted in the color of your banner rather than adding paint as a separate resource. Although, the idea is certainly good, and I also thought about that as soon as I got the first plate armor and a full helmet – really wanted to repaint it all black. Also, I think it makes sense to add on sale look of the unpainted shield – once you take the shield in hands it takes the color of your banner. I think many will like it (until everyone gets named shields :) )

    by the way I think it makes sense to move the post in the topic for suggestions

    Avatar photoBrother Duck

    all good ideas, except the trade goods.. there are enough games out there about trade, its nice to have 1 where the focus is on the slaughter :D

    Avatar photoSpiritofTheWolfx

    I meant ‘trade goods’ as in items that have no other purpose then to sell. You can’t buy them from town because well you are mercenaries. But you can take it as loot from killing bandits or Orcs, or like the crown from an Undead noble. Just stuff to fill the world and give more items to sell.

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