Topic: Game Crashed and reset my ironman save (xbox)

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    My day 65ish veteran ironman gladiator game just crashed when I tried to load a bandit hideout job. It was in the desert and said something about not being bandits but necromancer instead. The game crashed and when I loaded it back up my save game was there because my banner was the same but my company name had reset and it now says day 1 but it crashes every time I try to load.

    I have reinstalled the game, deleted local data and resynced with the cloud but still the same. I doubt this is recoverable but I just spent £45 on this game and corrupted saves are the absolute worst of the worst.

    I was doing really well too ffs (:

    I was getting a fair amount of crashes and a weird sound bug that eventually lead to a crash but it wasn’t ever really an issue, I just reset and everything was cool. I assumed it was something to do with atmos because my buddy plays on a series x too and never had a single crash but the only difference is atmos, or maybe quick resume… idk

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    Same thing happened to me. Had to restart, this time removing Ironman. Now my issue is everytime I fight higher difficulty monsters like Unhold or Schrat, the game keeps freezing after a couple of turns in battle with them. I reload, fight, same thing… continuous crashes.

    I hope they fix this. Just spent money on the game and DLC’s because i heard it’s good, and it’s unplayable right now in terms of progressing.

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    The Xbox version is not being developed by us, but I’ve forwarded your reports to our partners at Ukiyo Publishing. Thank you both for taking the time to write this down.

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