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    Avatar photokrewal

    Game crush while trying to save game (before battler or when forcing save). Seems like it started Saturday December 1st.
    So far I tried this:
    -reinstalling game on different hard partitions
    -changing settings
    -deleting existing auto-save
    -stopping audio driver
    -updating graphic card drivers

    Please see errors on the screen-shot. From logs you can also find there is a problem with “Unable to open file “gfx/ui/banners/banner_30.png”.”

    Current status – game is unplayable.


    Avatar photoJaysen

    Hi Krewal,

    The forum does not support file uploads other than images. Could you send us the log with a link to this thread to “” so we can look into this?

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    Avatar photoBiorn

    Also Getting gamecrash when auto or manual saving, started today. Worked fine yesterday.
    Good luck squashing the bugs, love the DLC so far :)

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