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    first of all…. Battle Brothers is an amazing game! I’ve now logged over 40 hrs and the updates enhance the game a lot. It’s a joy to come back to this every time. Thanks for this! I’ve also upgraded to the supporter edition today as well.

    Here are some suggestions for you guys to get an idea what I experienced.

    Show the brethrens health on the worldmap UI
    Roaming around and having to go to the inventory just to check if a wound already healed is a hassle, it would be nice if I knew how the guys are while wandering.

    When a brother dies, get the chance to keep his remains
    You could boost morale by giving him an adequate burial, or burn him so he can’t get back from the dead.

    Possibility to train hounds
    Could be a special ability by the houndkeeper, but dogs are smart, they can learn tricks.

    Passive display of donkeys and horses
    It’s ok that they are not used in battle, but they are kinda missing in game, a donkey could extend your inventory space.

    Wilflife encounters
    I would watch my companions barefist fight a bear!

    Wildmen enemy (read somewhere else in the forums)/strong>
    I really dig this kind of idea and enemy, there must be some native tribes surviving in the forests, right?

    Neutral mercenary groups/strong>
    Trade, talk or fight with them or let two mercenaries take it out on eachother for the group morale and the purse!

    Neutral mercenary groups/strong>
    Trade, talk, fight with them or let two mercenaries take it out on eachother for the group morale and the purse!

    Improved worldmap graphics/strong>
    I love the worldmap already, but sometimes it feels a little dull. I think it deserves a few more enhancements as it’s the most watched part in the game.

    Thanks a lot, looking forward to the next updates!

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    I like the idea of an event/mechanic, in encounters with other mercenaries or noble troops, where the parties agree to settle the dispute by single combat between each group’s best/nominated fighter. Then, the losing side can accept the outcome honourably or else attack (either openly/spontaneously or sneakily).

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