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    I’m cross posting this with the steam forum post I made yesterday.

    ‘Last night I was able to play this game even with Avast Free installed.

    Today when I tried to play it Avast flag it and put battlebrothers.exe into the virus vault and the game will not launch. Everytime I hit play my profile icon lights up green then goes back to blue.

    I removed the flagged .exe and went thru the steps everyone else outlined by going thru the settings of Avast, that didn’t help.

    I’ve uninstalled Avast, still doesn’t launch.

    I’ve reinstalled the game multiple times.

    I’ve tried using the ‘old version’ doesn’t launch.

    I’ve reinstalled steam still doesn’t launch.

    I’ve set run as admin on all users doesn’t launch, and when I go into the folder and run the game directly it says ‘irrKlang.dll not present’ even tho I can see the .dll in the folder.

    I’ve updated my graphics drivers, run multiple programs to see if any other drivers need updating and then updated drivers, I’ve installed it on other hard drives.

    Multiple computer restarts.

    I’ve now tried deleting the irrKlang.dll and verifying game integrity, still doesn’t launch.

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