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    Hello brothers !
    First of all, thanks to you guys for this awesome game !
    Since i love this game, i want to share with you what about i’m thinking and how you could improve it.
    For those who didn’t follow the Blog Progress Update, we could recently read the humans will have different factions. (Noble family)
    “Yes, fine, nothing new here!”

    Wait a minute.
    At the moment, all Orc Tribes are hostile.
    What if 1 or 2(max) clans weren’t instantly hostile ?
    It would be a great motivation for the player, to search, explore, discover the map, and luckily find this very rare camp.
    The new world map looks so promising, i would love to explore it.

    This Orc faction wouldn’t be hostile at start. – at start yes. If you decide to attack them, they will become instantly hostile. (like all others)
    In this camp, you can find an Orc Warlord with dedicaded missions.
    If you succeed, you wont gain money, but “reputation” which could unlock the Orc Blacksmith + Other Orc tribes informations like :
    – Position on the map
    – Weaknesses
    – Their strenght
    – etc…

    After many succes, your name is full of glory. The Orcs of this tribe respect you (for a human…)
    And so, the Warlord offers you to enlist 1 orc (max) hunger of glory.
    However, other tribes or human villages/towns might hate you for what you have done.
    Of course, having an orc in your group might bring troubles with other battle brothers :
    – Bad Events could happens.
    – Some human towns with a neutral opinion of you (where you are unknown), might refuse to let you enter because of the orc in your group.

    I think it can add another kind of challenge.
    Yes this orc might become very good at fighting, but he will bring lot of problems as well.

    What do you guys think ?
    Of course i know BattleBrothers wants to keep the main idea : “controling a group of mercs in a medieval world.”
    This is why, by including a limit of 1 orc in the crew, we keep the “main idea” of the game.
    Let me know what do you think of my idea. I’ll gladly read it. :)

    Avatar photoFever

    I think your suggestion is really interesting and coherent.
    In my opinion, the more variety, the better!

    Of course the main focus of the game should always be “a company of mercs in a medieval world”, but one battle sister and/or one orc adventurer in the party won’t put the game off topic.

    Avatar photoCapirage

    I’d sign for that right now :D

    Great idea!

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