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    i love your game and my twin brother brought it after i told him how awesome your game is!
    But we both miss one point, coop! We play alot of coop games together and it would be cool to fight together against larger orc hordes.
    but we then we Need larger maps, larger enemy Forces (up to 30?). the contracts can be shared to each Player but the first one who finished them will get the reward for it. or both Players work together to get the contract done (as “Raid missions” or so).
    several factions in the game:
    for e.g.: two kingdoms, a Bandit faction, and an orc faction
    Reputation System:
    after the beginning of the game the Player should get low payed easy contracts from a faction. after completing a dozen contracts or so he should get better contracts. and later in the game the contracts should be more difficult to complete. with high reward. through this the favor for one faction will be increased, for the other faction the favor will be decreased. but the decreased favor is only important the for the contracts, you get only the lowest payed contracts. they wont attack you. (the kingdom factions)
    see above
    the reward from contracts created in small villages can contain Food, Tools and Basic Equipment.
    the reward from contracts created in towns can contain valueable items, but never Food, Tools and Basic Equipment.
    already mentioned by another user
    fighting style:
    2 1-handed (different and same weapons?) with skills of each weapon
    definitely more races, dwarfs with Bonus on melee weapons and elves with Bonus on ranged weapons
    I hope i made my Points clear. I used my english skills the last time for 2 years.

    fighting Formation:
    a button to edit the Formation would also be nice

    we should be able to put the banner sign on the shields, maybe also to equip tabarts with our force banner.


    By questions just ask:)

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    Hey Scheffsache,
    nice that you enjoy the game :)
    At the moment we are only focussing ona single player experience and we will stick with the singleplayer only at least till the full release.Nobody knows yet where the journey will go from there on.

    To your points:
    – More factions are on their way. The next minor faction will be the Goblins.
    – Reputation System is on our List
    – horses are on our discussion list, but not decided on yet. Probably they wont make it :)
    – dual wielding will not be in for now.
    – More races will be added but probably no elves or dwarfes. Just more enemies :)
    – Banner Editor, Tabards and a mechanic showing your banner on your shields like in Mounta and Blade are under discussion currently.


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    with regard to dwarfs and elves they could always be on the humans side or neautral, with maybe 1 or 2 visitable villages depending on map size, they could include different quest types and unique items in shops, you could also make them harder to reach or hidden at the start so you have to find them

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