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    It would be very great if, when you deploy a dog in the field of battle, to be able to give him a general direction of where you want him to run towards and chase an enemy in that direction. The mercenary would scream “Go get him boy!” and point at a direction that the dog would then engage the first enemy he finds going towards it. It would make for such an awesome sounds effect and fun mechanic!


    Wardogs can intentionally not be controlled in this way.

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    I am aware of that… I just don’t see why that is the case… Because realism-wise it makes sense to be able to at least choose the direction where your hound goes to.
    I have hounds in my property and I use them in this way to hunt boars so I don’t really follow why not be able to do it? It’s not like they are stupid animals, they know voice commands and follow them quite remarkably well…


    Honestly I’d rather have a “recall dog” command

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    About dogs, do they get a bonus against bonewalkers? I feel like they annihilated the skeleton legion without much help from my bros. On that note, how about a dog origin? There’s a mod idea.

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