Topic: Get two battlestandards after mysergeant dead

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    Just as title says, I know it’s a strange bug I never expect to meet as I have not seen anyone can get it again.

    My sergeant dead in a battle against orc(actually he is the back-up sergeant), then just after I loot everthing including my battlestandard and sergeant sash, save and quit, load anothers day.Just when entering into the campaign, ambition jumpiong out, I surprisingly find I can choose to buy a battlestandard!!!!! And then few days latter the sergeant sash…..crazy…..

    Anything may concern, got something wrong with my steam online saving, canot delete any savefile(will auto get it before I enter game by downloading from cloud), I recently manage to get it right and I still dont click the auto-sync button on. And I like to make copys for my savefile in need of bug report or any need to play on other computer.

    I dont know if the above concern, or anything you doubt may cause this problem, plz let me know, thx.

    3 save file attached
    1st after get the ambition to buy a battlestandard
    2nd already get it
    3rd after get the ambition to name a sergeant

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    Got something wrong with upload savefiles…..So I sent an e-mail directly to you.

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    Well another Issue occured,
    I already know it’s 25% initiative penalty of max initiative after armed for wait this turn to determine next turn’turn order, and I have tested it myself and proved it about 20days ago.(means 20 days ago it still works)

    But today I tested it and found it seem there is no penalty for waiting this turn. Example: my brother with 100 initiative wait, others not. Then next turn he still act between brother with 99 and 101 initiative.

    Has it removed or another bug?

    Great appreciated if answered. Thx.

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