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    1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?

    Dragging an item in the inventory screen will sometimes leave a ‘ghost’ duplicate on the screen, not clickable/interact able. These remain in the inventory screen until a game restart, sometimes even staying when returning to the world map.

    2. Is it reproducable? Can you intentionally make it appear?

    I have my thumb-mouse button binded to ‘ Push to talk’ in my VoIP program (teamspeak) so, from time to time I accidentally drag items in the inventory with this button.
    If I combine this with a left mouse click whilst dragging the item will sometimes leave a ‘ghost’ duplicate on the screen.
    (It takes a bit of fiddling, usually when dragging items from inventory to character equipment screen)

    3. Attach a screenshot if possible.

    4. Attach your dx.diag. This file includes information on your hard- and software configuration.

    5. Attach the Battle Brothers “log.html” file. (Please note the log gets overwritten once you restart the game so make sure you copy the log right after the bug appeared!)

    5. Attach a save showing the issue, if there is any.

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    Thats a weird one.
    You need to put the log file and save in a .zip archive to upload them :).

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