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    Goblins are the most disgusting cancerous form of life. There needs to be a contract that allows you to go to a goblin village and commit genocide against all of them, women, children, whatever goblins come from. I’d even do it for free. These scumbags always shootfirst, their ambushers are the literal scum of the earth, only they would think of something so scummy like poison, and wolfriders are scared scumbags, thats why they run so far. Please Battle Brothers, I want to see blood, I want to see the blood of these green vermin. Post pictures showing a glorious field of slaughter, I want to see decapitated goblin heads, bashed, intact, show me it all. Only good goblin is a dead goblin.

    Oh and uh yea I think goblins are annoying, what do you guys think? Thats the discussion part. (Post pics please)

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    You really should read Goblin Slayer.

    Avatar photoJohel3007

    Your feelings are proof that the dev team did a good job !! :p

    And yes, these little scumbags are hillariously annoying and I love it !!
    The nets aren’t too bad but they can really mess up the initial assault.
    The spiky balls are mostly harmless but that’s always nasty.
    Those polearms HURT and that got to make you careful.

    But the top of the cake are the archers.
    Most of the time, they poison your dudes and just RUN AWAY.
    But when you do catch them, they are surprisingly good in melee.

    As for the wolfriders, they are great because, unlike other enemies, they actually look like they are SMART, what with their high movement score allowing them to go around your battleline to hit the flank… and then get away once your dudes finally redeploy to deal with the threat.

    At low-level, they are the bane of your new recruits. But after the 6th or 7th level, they just crash and die on the shieldwall.

    Do not change anything about them !! :)

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