Topic: Goblins: So much more interesting than PCs!

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    I’m intrigued by the design of the goblins.

    Let’s talk a bit about what usually happens in most games. Traditionally, all those tactical options available to goblins are NORMALLY what we’d make available to player characters (PCs). The nets, the entangle spell, attacks with minor status effects (poison arrows for instance), a leader unit that grants bonuses to his party members; these are all staples of your typical adventure party (you’re just missing a healer, heh). The reason why it is usually the players who have these tactical options is that they allow players to overcome foes who are statistically stronger through use of clever tactics. I.e. being able to use tactical options made available to players make the player feel smart.

    In contrast, monster design is often quite straightforward but statistically impressive. The orcs in the current game are a good example of this. Impressive monsters makes it all the sweeter for players to defeat using statistically weaker forces who have clever little tactical options available to them that the monsters do not have.

    Yet these options are really not available to players in this game; instead they were made available to the goblins instead. Goblins in most games are easy mooks which players learn to sharpen their strategies in prep for dragons and the like later on. That doesn’t work for battle brother’s environment, so the devs have made the good decision to make the goblins challenging. And to differentiate them from the orcs well enough, the devs have given the goblins all these clever tactical options.

    I’m not saying this is bad. I’m intrigued, that is all I’m saying for now. Also, I wish I had more tricks to play around with when I play with my battle brothers! Oh man, I miss having a mage to cast spells which debuff enemies!

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