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    After a battle in which some of your members die, it should create a gravestone marker with the names of the dead, and give you an option to write a short eulogy. The gravestone would be a persistent map marker that you could revisit (but perhaps only visible from a short distance).

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    I like this idea, it would add just that little something extra to make the game more realistic and get into the game by feeling that your favorite mercs are not lost completely.

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    Why not to load last savegame? :D

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    Not everybody is interested in a flawless playthrough where nobody dies. People die. Games are lost. It happens. There is a thrill in gabling the whole game on a single action, because you know the stakes are high. With save-and-load you can shrug and reload the last save. Not as interesting.

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    Okay,you have a ration at some point,but currently,game is not so perfect to play it differently all the times,and besides,sometimes you are just caught by an army(etc) at beginning of the game and cant outfight them(And even retreat,if its werewolfs)…I think,for stuff like this,developers could make an option at game starting…Or add it to a hard difficulty.

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