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    I’ll add to my wishlist for this game (unless you announce modding support, then I guess this could be done my modders anyway)

    Hall of Brothers / Guildhall

    Quite simply put this will add another layer and addition to the cities. A guildhall could be bought and/or as a early-midgame reward from one of the houses in a semi-difficult quest chain.

    Perhaps offer 1st tier as a bought hall, with upgrades needs to be unlocked through missions / expeditions into the wilds.

    tier 1
    * You get 3 slots for your brothers, 1 active, “resting” spots and a small equpiment/raw material storage
    – The active slot gives you minor abilities depending on which brother-background you place here.
    For example a messenger/historian could collect rumors and find leads on a map.
    A Retired Soldier could provide a XP boost if the Brothres in the resting spots is in the Hall of Brothers long enough (= free training hall, but longer to activate the XP gain. A bowyer could still trigger making of a legendary bow if placed in the Hall of Brothers, if wood was available in the raw material storage. Farmhand could have a chance to create food into the hall storage if the hall had farmland available on the map, etc…

    tier 2
    * You get another active slot for a brother, and higher tier of abilities for the hall – Active abilities to send out the active brother on small missions for leads, graverobbers to find higher tier burial sites which your Brothers can fight for etc.

    tier 3
    The highest tier unlocked by quest from a noble house, which the Brothers get access to boost chance for certain events to happen / locate. Maybe some unqiue generated missions. (Temporarily?) heal a permanent injury if applicable (hard to heal missing eye).

    Also this stronghold has some showcases where you can put artifact weapons for viewing – might give small morale boost for the Brothers (+5) if you have all 3 pedestals filled with correct theme of legendaries.

    The list could be made long for a Hall of Brothers! This was just some quick thoughts I have and would like to see for an extra layer to the game, for people stuck in the midgame like me, who cant seem to master the endgame yet.

    But mod support, that would be amazing – then this could be modded in if you dev’s don’t see the appeal of a Hall of Brothers!

    Thanks for an amazing game!

    Avatar photopengchi87

    Really nice ideas, some professions lack character aside from a few random events. Should be more use for brother backgrounds, in addition to what you’ve mentioned in this post, like fishermen and farmhands when stationed, could produce food, and bowyers bows, tailors clothing and so on… Hedge knights could train newbie brothers to about 1/3 his experience while stationed.

    Avatar photoKillerRabbit

    Yeah I had very creative ideas for the Hall of Brothers when I brainstormed while I was doing some work, sadly I forgot a bunch of the ideas before I got to typing them down but I’ll update the main post again as soon I have time to flesh it out better!

    This comes from an earlier vision I had where you could actually build a fortress in the map, like the guard tower etc (and the brothers you kept there could get sieged so you had would have X ingame days to go there and help out so your fortress wont get sacked). However a Hall inside a city would not require much extra work or coding, while still providing extra content imo

    Avatar photoKillerRabbit

    Apparently crafting seems to be a focus anyway now so the hall of brothers could complement it / no need for it.

    But other than that, I feel the hall of brother would be a great place to retire your high lvl surviving early game recruits, instead of sackin/sacrificing them in the mid-late game. As said earlier, a position for your Historian/Robber/Retired soldier/Swordmaster to provide leads/information/missions passively in the world.

    Maybe a high lvl historian could take a position in some kind of NPC run fortress (in the archives) and provide a event for a small artifact quest at a later date. The higher level the historian you retire to such a building, the sooner the quest would trigger for example.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Several times i was going to suggest somthing like this, but always stop cuz i saw that devs have no resurses and time for it.
    It could be part of ambition chain or get special quest after 1 st crisis won. You could be able to make your old veteran with heavy permanent injure like a manager such company glory hall , for example…
    Anyway +1 for this

    Avatar photoKillerRabbit

    Yeah, even some form of one-way “retirement” home for your too damaged to fix-bros would be nice. Like buying a slot in the cities tavern where you can “retire” your Bro to, and you can’t pull him back from that slot. Like a hall of fame. There he can spend his time in the Inn telling stories about your Bro’s adventures! ;) And maybe he would be the one giving all the hints to the company about locations then. This would probably be a good small way to a early implemention toward a hallf of bro’s! :)

    Avatar photoAbel

    All right, this is a good idea! It reminds me Pillars of Eternity where you can assign your characters to quests and adventures of their own. The character cannot be used but in exchange you have a chance to get items and other bonuses.
    It could also be used as a secondary Roster. I wouldn’t mind seeing it expanded a bit.

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