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    I found that once you stabilize in the early game, it becomes extremely easy to just thrive on zombies and werewolves all the way to like 4000 reputation without ever taking a risk or losing anyone. The game can be grinded into “victory” even on highest difficulty without much skill involved other than just picking easy enough quests. Some enemies don’t properly scale into lategame and can be farmed for gold and XP without a challenge.

    Once I discovered how much the game rewards you for grinding safely, the game didn’t feel so good anymore. So I’m designing a hardcore challenge to make Battle Brothers a truly compelling campaign experience. I made arbitrary rules to prevent any grinding and instead create a compelling campaign experience where the difficulty ramps up gradually.

    I tested it with one playthrough and tweaked a bit. I’m interested to hear about you trying it and feedback on how to spice it up =) OFC future updates of the game will require redesign of this, as the game is still unfinished.

    Goal: Accumulate as high reputation as possible before you die.


    You can not save scum.
    You can not abuse retreat to pick off enemies and make fights easier, OR to get away with leader heads or cargo without a fight.
    You can not cancel quests you have already accepted. (neccesary to make rules below work, otherwise you’d lower your reputation on purpose)
    If you escort a caravan, you must do everything in your power to defend it even if it puts your men at risk.

    You must not purposefully stall your reputation progression by only attacking roaming armies or hideouts of enemies. Do not attack roaming parties or locations that pose completely no challenge to you. You must focus on seeking out quests.

    You are limited to these quest and battle choices only:

    Below reputation 1000:
    . No limits, any quest is OK, it’s your time for setting things up.

    Reputation above 1000:

    – NO 1-skull village quests of any kind,
    – NO cemetery/graverobbing quests at all

    Reputation above 1500:

    – NO citadel patrol quests
    – NO envoy or delivery quests,
    – NO hunt down direwolves quests,
    – NO attacking roaming parties of direwolves or zombies
    – NO attacking cemeteries or ruins of keeps (because enemy starts spread out there and plays stupid so its too easy)

    Reputation above 2000:

    – NO attacking roaming parties of any kind other than orc parties WITH warriors

    The only quests ALLOWED are:

    – 3-skull caravan quests
    – 3-skull bandit hideout quests
    – 3-skull bandit tracking down quests
    – 2 or 3 skull goblin or orc hideout quests

    (yes, I realize at this point you’ll be spending a TON of time on the road doing nothing but checking quests. It’s a pain but that’s the game, can’t change it :( )

    Reputation above 3000: Welcome to lategame! You’ve just spent most of your money on food and upkeep while travelling and seeking out difficult quests, so I hope you’re ready, because now…

    You are only allowed to fight orc warriors! Through quests, roamers or camps, but only orc groups that contain warriors.

    Don’t be too picky about which ones you fight or you’ll starve to death while searching for a quest :)

    GLHF and lemme know how high your rep got before you got rekt by orcs or ran out of money searching for orcs!

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