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    Here is a little suggestion about the contracts I want to make. I didn’t really found any other topics about it, so hope I am the first to suggest it.
    So, Headhunting. New type of “contracts” without any time and number limits, like a “wanted dead” board in every town. The targets of this contracts can be bandit leaders, ork or goblin war chiefs or necromancers, anyone who spoils life to peaceful citizens. So, this contracts don’t stack with your normal ones and are “seek and destroy type”, when you get them, you have some basic information about a target, like the areas he is most commonly seen, but while talking with locals and fighting local bands you can get more information and finally find out your targets hide out. Sure you can just burn down every camp in that area =P.

    Avatar photofrank_will

    Love this idea, especially having a wanted dead board.
    AS well, after the fight is done, would be nice to have to actually collect the head and bring it back, as an inventory item.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    Yes, a jolly good idea. And, of course, lots of people will be after the bounty, and you may have to protect it. Or, you might try to wrest it from others.

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