Topic: Heavier decapitation animation

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    This is something that has been somewhat bothering me for a while now. The weight of the head when decapitated looks too light. It seems to almost float in the air when launched and doesn’t have the momentum you’d associate with a head its weight when coming down. It should be faster and heavier (when launched upwards: fast start, slow at peak, then fast down). It’s a small thing, but it always makes the decapitations look a bit goofy to me.

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    I find them OK, because that way you can actually see the head fly in the air.

    Avatar photoGOD

    Yeah, you’d still want that and I don’t mean making them so fast that they’re pointless. Just slight tweaking, with a tad more speed near the start and end, and a tad less float near the middle.

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