Topic: Heavy FPS drops when trying to stream via OBS

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    Hello everyone.

    So, several months ago i was very actively streaming Battle Brothers on twitch. You might have seen me there a few times. Everything was fine back then, even if the games performance was definitely not as high as it could have been while streaming it worked okay enough.

    I had to step down from streaming for a few months due to moving and some emotional troubles in my life, and when i tried to stream BB again a few days ago it simply was impossible.

    The game runs flawlessly without streaming. 200FPS, no drops or anything, everything is perfect. But as soon as i add the game to my OBS scenes via “Capture Game Source”, all hell breaks loose. FPS go down to maximum 30-40 but spike extremely, down to 5 FPS and sometimes stay there for a good while. I have tried so many things, changing the resolution, Vsync, windowed, borderless, fullscreen. Administrator on the game and OBS.

    Tried to capture in OBS via display capture but the screen goes to black every time i go into the game, when i “tab out” it shows the game. No difference if i try windowed or fullscreen.

    Tried window capture, which shows the game but does not refresh basically, so it’s only kind of a screenshot of the last picture that was displayed.

    When using game capture, i leave every setting as it is – but when i activate multi adapter compatibility the game runs fine all of the sudden, 200FPS etc. – problem then however is that the game bugs out and i get these distorted pictures of my brothers etc. which obviously is not acceptable.

    My system is clean, i just installed a fresh windows 8.1 a few weeks ago and i know my way around PC’s in general so there is nothing else impacting it. Also i can stream every other game i have come across without any issues performance wise.

    I attached the log.html file as well as my dxdiag file.

    Hope someone’s able to help!

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