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    Several times my brothers have been targeted with range weapons while “hidden” and not adjacent to enemies, this time I am adjacent to an enemy and it is clearly visible yet retains it’e “hidden” status.


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    Working as intended. The ‘Hidden’ status effect doesn’t mean that a unit is necessarily hidden to you or the enemy right now, but that at its current location it would be hidden unless uncovered, whether by attacking itself, and thereby announcing its presence, or someone moving adjacent to uncover the tile, as is the case in your screenshot. It works the same for both you and the enemy.

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    Avatar photoRusBear

    Still sure that hiden not broken?

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    Hello, it is broken. Log attached. take a look at Round 12 at 11:16:23.

    It has just started, Rambert started this turn in the bush and did’n’have the chance to act this turn.

    Rambert is being targeted & shot by the archers.

    Same, but earlier

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    Ghost does not reveal itself after using “Horrific Scream”

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