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    Hill fights are gamey and dumb, just to let you guys know. Love the game ffs please change how this works somehow.

    Here is something that happens to me every 30 or so days in game.

    I get a contract to kill some bandits I could easily wipe the floor with. Their fortification is on a hill.
    The game spawns all enemies 4 elevations above me in range of 2-7 ranged attacks before my guys get to act on turn 1.
    I maybe lose a shield or one of my dudes gets half health.
    I retreat and reset the map.

    If it so happens to spawn me in a poor position 2 or 3 times I just abandon the contract nowadays. Why?
    Because the morale degrades with each individual retreat.
    Suddenly its just not worth it to complete the contract and my reputation takes a huge hit for abandoning the contract.

    – RP wise, professional mercenaries wouldn’t put themselves in a terrible battlefield position in range of enemy archers. (over and over again)
    – I don’t find out I’m fighting on a hill when I sign the contract (I would just skip the contract if I knew)
    – The fact that you can reset the map and hope to get lucky is very gamey and takes me out of the experience.

    For the love of god please figure out a new way for this to work.
    I’m not a bad player, I’ve figured out how to prepare for these fights without losing significant brothers/equipment.
    I just roll the dice hoping this doesn’t and I’m powerless to avoid the situation. It’s like a 30% chance every time the enemy is spawned on a “hill.”

    TY, love your game

    - Blacksteel

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