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    Cavalry would be absolutely amazing. It would be perfect for troops who would wear very heavy armour. I can imagine how they’d be implemented very easily (being placed in the “trinket” slot that war dogs would go). the thought of a plate clad cavalier with sword and shield fighting against a goblin wolf rider as the rest of the battle continues around them.


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    Cavalry would be a good way to hunt down goblins and the like. I forget if the dev team already made a statement about horses, but I’d enjoy having them as well. The question is: what would their drawbacks be?

    I’d assume they’d “turn” slower and wouldn’t move very quickly at all in forests and swamps. They’d probably have even more reduced defense than usual in those places?

    Would there be weapon limitations when riding them? I assume the devs wouldn’t want the player using horse archers or horsemen wielding billhooks and claymores.

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