Topic: House Wars and becoming/ joining a house.

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    I think it would be fun if the houses would fight each other from time to time. It would be interesting to fight trained men and to raid caravans of a house that you are not fond of, also if you establish yourself as a great asset to a House it would be interesting to become a member or possibly start your own. I know some of this is outside the realm of the games original idea but would add some more benefit/ punishment to the current faction relations.

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    As of now I’m fairly certain conflict between the houses will be planned. However, joining a house or creating a house defeats the purpose of a roaming mercenary company.

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    you don`t need to join a house to fight for it and maybe if a house is loosing or not paying you, you just start fighting for a different one in order to survive .
    Or you even take a quest making you insult another house while actually fighting for a different one, in order to fall in their back on the battlefield…
    (other ideas might be: sabotaje, raiding, taking prision( not only nobles also commoners and soldiers or even bandits(other creatures?) to sell to a house, a slave trader or a ransom breaker…)
    soooooooooo many possibilities

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